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Pat Robertson: God is Abandoning Humanity Because of ‘Unclean’ Gay People and ‘Awful’ Transgenders

Evangelical fossil Pat Robertson went on an anti-LGBTQ rant on his 700 Club show on Tuesday night, claiming that God has left humanity because of gay and transgender people.

Said Robertson (via Crooks and Liars): “If you read the book of Romans, you find a time when the Bible says, “God gave them up, and he gave them up to unclean passions.” Women lusting for women and men lusting for men like women. And this was the end of the decline against God.”

Added Robertson: “‘It was wherefore God gave them up to unnatural passions,’ the Bible says. And that’s what’s happening now. When you figure, 1 percent of the population max is lesbian, maybe 2 percent max is homosexual. Now, they’ve got this whole thing about gender transition.”

“And we never had that before, and suddenly little boys decide they want to get to be girls,” he continued. “And they have these awful surgeries and hormone treatments, and the next thing you know, the child says, wait a minute, I really want to still be a boy. And then they want men to go into women’s bathrooms and into women’s locker rooms, and then they want transgender women to compete against women in sporting events when really they’re truly male. And the whole thing is chaotic.”

“But this is what’s happening in our country because we’ve lost sight of God,” Robertson went on. “And the Bible says, ‘When there is no vision of God, the people perish.’ Now, you know, that thing, it doesn’t mean vision of pie in the sky and some great work. It means when there’s no revelation of God, the people perish. The people run amok. And we have gone to the point where God will give us up. That’s what the Bible says.” (c) Towleroad 2019

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